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Here at Advance Dental we believe the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially where dental health is concerned. that's why our dentist in Granger, Dr. Ronald Stangebye, provides comprehensive routine care as an essential aspect of dental wellness. Our professional exams, cleanings, x-rays and intraoral radiographs can make sure that your teeth, gums and jaw remain healthy, and that any signs of trouble can be treated promptly and effectively.

Exams - Twice-yearly dental evaluations can help you avoid a great deal of discomfort and possibly even a major health issue. Undetected tooth decay, gum disease or jawbone infections can become quite advanced even before you begin to experience pain or other symptoms. As invading bacteria do their damage to oral tissues, some of them may enter the bloodstream and be carried to all parts of the body, possibly doing harm to the major organs. Routine dental care in the form of regular exams helps us check the structures of the mouth for any sign of decay or infection. We also check the oral cavity for possible oral cancer, an aggressive disease that calls for the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment.

Teeth Cleaning - The bacteria that destroy teeth and gums feed principally on tartar. This rough, hard substance has it origins in a sticky material called plaque, a combination of food particles and saliva. You can remove a significant amount of surface plaque by brushing and flossing regularly, but whatever remains will turn into tartar -- including the plaque hidden beneath the gum line. Our professional cleanings scale this stubborn tartar off of the tooth surfaces, both above and below the gum line, so that bacteria have nothing to feed on. we can also perform root planing and scaling to remove tartar from the tooth roots, possibly sparing you from an eventual extraction or root canal.

X-rays - Radiographs, more commonly referred to as x-rays, allow us to see inside oral tissues to the harder structures of the teeth and jawbones. X-rays reveal cavities, cracks, breaks, bone loss, and underlying infections. Intraoral x-rays take pictures of specific quadrants of the mouth, while extra-oral x-rays take panoramic images of all the teeth at once. We pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art digital radiography. This technique permits finer resolution for sharper, clearer images. t also subjects you to less radiation and produces instant images -- no more waiting for the film to develop!

Intraoral Camera - Sometimes we want to take the closest possible look at the surfaces, nooks crannies of your smile. We've found our intraoral camera invaluable for this purpose. This tiny device, about the size of a dental mirror, can magnify your teeth up to 25 times, giving all of us a detailed picture of any possible issues.

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