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Few things are more alarming, distracting and frustrating than a dental emergency. When you can't chew or talk without pain, you can't possibly go about your normal day or enjoy a productive life until you get that dental problem fixed. The sooner you receive the care you need, the sooner you get back to enjoying life again. We understand how you feel here at Advance Dental, and that's why we offer skilled emergency dental care for those urgent dental issues.

Injuries are a common form of dental emergency. Auto, sports, or workplace accidents may result in a tooth getting chipped, cracked, broken or even knocked out. This can leave you in a lot of pain that prevents you from eating or drinking comfortably, not to mention giving you an unattractive smile that damages your working and social life. A knocked-out tooth may be lost forever without prompt attention. Our dental clinic can deal with your tooth injury quickly and expertly to relieve your discomfort and restore the tooth's structure. A crown or cap can completely repair any cracks or breaks that stop above the gum line. If you have lost a tooth, put it in milk right away. This will keep the tooth from dying long enough for our emergency dentist to reinstall it in your jaw.

Toothaches are a distressing dental emergency that can make eating, working or even sleeping impossible. When bacteria invade the tooth's sensitive pulp, the infection can spread down below the root into the jawbone itself, creating a painful abscess. Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause abscesses. Symptoms include sharp pain in the tooth and swelling on the affected side of the mouth or jaw. Even if you felt no pain, a severe infection would count as a dental emergency. We can use special instruments to drain an abscess accessible through the gums, and give you antibiotics to fight bacteria in the gum tissue.

An infected pulp chamber in the tooth may also call for an emergency root canal. This procedure involves opening the tooth, removing the infected pulp, and filling the now-empty tooth with a sterile material. This should take care of the infection and the severe pain, although we may also recommend that you have the tooth capped with a permanent crown to ensure its long-term strength. you may also receive a prescription for oral antibiotics to make sure that the threat from bacteria has been completely eliminated.

Quick, Compassionate Emergency Dental Care

Keep Advance Dental's contact information nearby so you can always reach us in case of a dental emergency. we'll put you at ease and get that problem corrected right away. If you're likely to have any post-procedural discomfort, we will also make sure you receive the appropriate prescription for painkillers until you have completely healed. Whether you need a wisdom tooth extracted, an emergency root canal or repairs to a damaged tooth, Advance Dental can help!

Dental Pain doesn't have to wait! Relief can be just a phone call away. Call our office today, 574-271-9910, to set up an appointment for your personalized diagnosis and treatment of pain.

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