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tooth extraction dentist in grangerGum disease and untreated cavities can result in excessively loose or decayed teeth that cannot be fixed by filling a cavity or performing a root canal. In these instances, the tooth must be extracted.

Tooth Extractions

Here at Advance Dental, we will do everything within our power to ensure your tooth extraction is as painless as possible. This includes administering local anesthetic to numb your mouth and explaining the procedure before it is performed.

If you are particularly upset or anxiety about the procedure, we also offer conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Conscious sedation allows you to be awake during the procedure, but you will feel no pain, and your anxiety will be vastly reduced. You’ll feel like you are relaxing in a lounge chair instead of in the treatment room.

Nitrous Oxide is also known as laughing gas. Instead of being administered through an injection a mask that combines oxygen and nitrous oxide will be placed over your nose, during the tooth exaction. This medication will make you feel very relaxed, but you will still be in control of your body and able to respond to questions and requests.

While you are under the effects of the pain medications and/or light sedation, your tooth will be extracted as seamlessly as possible, using the latest dental tools and procedures. After the tooth has been extracted, a piece of cotton will be placed over the site, and you will be asked to gently bite down. This helps stop the flow of blood and helps with clotting. In some instances, we may need to place a stitch or two to help stop the blood and to facilitate healing.

Recovery takes three or four days. During that time, you will be asked not to participate in some tasks, such as not drinking carbonated beverages or using a straw. Both of those tasks could loosen the clot that has formed in the tooth socket and could lead to infection.

Tooth Replacement Options

After your tooth extraction, we can replace the tooth in your mouth with an implant or a partial denture. An implant involves placing a titanium pin in your jaw and affixing a crown or denture to the post. This is the most natural way to replace teeth. The dental implant looks and acts like the rest of your teeth and requires little to no special care.

A partial denture is a flexible tooth replacement that is designed to flex with your mouth. It is less invasive than an implant because it does not require the insertion of a pin into your jaw, and it does not require any healing time. The partial will keep the rest of your teeth from shifting out of place, maintain the shape of your mouth and cheeks and will enhance your ability to chew food.

For more information on our tooth extractions or to receive more information, please call our office at 574-271-9910.

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