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How Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

Are you an adult living with tooth loss in Granger, IN? We can help restore your smile. 

Here at Advance Dental in Granger, IN, the goal of Dr. Ronald Stangebye and his dental team is to create beautiful smiles. We know that sometimes that requires cosmetic or restorative dentistry. If you are missing one or more permanent teeth here’s how dental implants may be able to help you.

Dental Implants are as Realistic as They Come 

We know that tooth loss can be a major blow to your confidence and you may worry about your options. While the goal should always be to provide your teeth with the proper care they need to stay healthy, if you do face tooth loss dental implants are the next best thing you can get to a real tooth. An implant replaces the roots of the teeth and provides a durable, lifelong foundation within the jawbone from which to support one or more false teeth.

Getting a Dental Implant

In order to get dental implants from our Granger, IN, dentist there are several steps you will need to undergo in order to get your new tooth replacement. During your consultation, we would be happy to walk you, step-by-step, through the process so you can determine whether implants are what you are looking for. Getting implants can takes several months, so it’s important that you are dedicated to the treatment process.

Some of the steps involved in the dental implant process include,

Consultation and Planning 

During this appointment, we will perform an oral exam and run x-rays to check the health of your teeth, gums and jawbone. It’s important to have a strong jawbone that is able to fully support an implant. We will also map out the implant procedure to determine exactly where the implant should be placed.

Placing the Implant

In order to place an implant into the jawbone this will require a minor oral surgery procedure. Surgery is minor and quick, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour to place a single implant. Local anesthesia will be applied to the area beforehand so you won’t feel discomfort. The implant is placed under the gumline.

Placing the Abutment 

For the implant to support a false tooth the abutment will be placed on top of the implant.

The final step is to cement the false tooth or teeth into place. If you are getting a single implant than the crown will be fabricated and then attached to the top of the abutment. To replace multiple teeth, partial or full dentures will fit into place on top of several implants.

Do you want to sit down with our dental team to find out if your smile is ideal for dental implants? If so, call Advance Dental in Granger, IN, and let us know that you are interested in an implant consultation.

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